Maryland Mariner Finance Class Action Settlement

finance class action settlement

The citizens of Maryland, who have refinanced can take part in the $1.5 million Maryland Mariner Finance class action settlement. This finance class action settlement resolves issues, which says that the finance company has violated the state laws. It also settles issues that failed to include refinancing charges in the interest rate, which is asked to the customers in their promissory notes.

As per the class action lawsuit, Mariner Finance also imposed illegal charges of insurance violations of Maryland state law. Moreover, they also pocketed the insurance charges in the violation of Maryland state law.

Mariner Finance Class Action Lawsuit Details

According to the terms of Maryland Mariner Finance Class Action Settlement, the Class Members who have refinanced the Finance through June 29, 2019, and can claim that three amounts of refinancing and fee that was charged.

In case, if enough money is not available in to pay the claims, each Class Member will receive a small share of the fund.

The finance company does not admit to wrongdoing under the Maryland Mariner Finance lawsuit and asserts that class members should be required to resort to arbitration rather than litigation to process their claims. However, the company has accepted the settlement agreement to avoid the time, expense and uncertainty associated with litigation.

If you want to participate in this class action settlement, you can do it by Oct’13, 2018.

However, the final hearing of the settlement is scheduled for Dec 5, 2019, along with the deadline for the claim forms that is set for 90 days after approval.

Who Is Eligible?

The class members include all the citizens of Maryland who have entered the promissory note through June 29, 2018. However, the promissory note is needed to include a transaction charge or refinance with Mariner finance for an insurance product.

Proof Of Purchase

The class members must verify that they are the citizens of Maryland.

Potential Award


Click here to file a claim.

Case Name

Hale v. Mariner Finance LLC, Case No. 24C18000053, in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Maryland

Claim Form Deadline


Settlement Website

Claims Administrator

Hale v. Mariner Finance LLC Lawsuit
c/o Strategic Claims Services
P.O. Box 230
Media PA 19063

[email protected]

 Note: Do not file a claim, if you do not qualify for this settlement. Remember that you are submitting a claim under penalty of perjury. You will be harming other eligible class members if you are submitting a fraud claim towards this settlement.

In case, if you do not qualify for this settlement, check other settlements that you may qualify for.

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