Suunto Dive Computer Class Action Settlement

Suunto Dive Computer Class Action Settlement

According to the Suunto Dive Computer Class Action Settlement, this company has sold defective devices that are meant to be used by scuba divers. The settlement claims that the depth pressure sensors in the devices gave incorrect temperature and depth readings.
These readings could be dangerous for the scuba divers. But this settlement will not cover the claims of death or injury that may have become a defect later.
Moreover, the Suunto class action lawsuit added that the defective Suunto dive computers were made and sold from Jan’1, 2006 to Aug 1, 2018. The devices that were affected by the sensors include Cobra, Cobra 2, Cobra 3 Black, Gekko, HelO2, Mosquito, Zoop, Zoop Novo, D4, D6, D9, and a lot more.
The consumers who have purchased the Suunto Dive computers with the defective depth pressure sensors by Aqua Lung are eligible for the participation. You are entitled to participate in the repair or replacement program that can be reimbursed under this Suunto Dive Computer Class Action Settlement.
This settlement will also provide funding of scuba classes, if any funds remain after the repair, repair or replacement, once the claims have been paid out. As a class member, if you wish to exclude yourself from the settlements, you should do it by Nov 14, 2018.
However, the fairness hearing will be held on Dec’14, 2018.

How To Check The Device?

If you are a class member, you can check when the device got its manufacturing done with its serial number.
If you have a dive computer model that can be worn on the wrist, the serial number is on the back side of the product. However, if you have a larger size model, the number is located on the unscrewed back cover.
Potential Award: Class members should have their dive computer with them. If you have discarded the device, you can obtain the reimbursement.

Claim Form

Proof Of Purchase

The claims for repair or replacement should include the serial number along with the date and place of the purchase.
Moreover, the supporting proof of purchase documents must also be included with it.
If you are applying for reimbursement, it should include as much as information as possible including date and place of purchase, along with the data, when you have discarded the device.

Case Name

Huntzinger v. Suunto Oy, et al., Case No. 37-2018-00027159-CU-BT-CTL, in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of San Diego

Final Hearing


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