Jeunesse Distributor Starter Kit Class Action Settlement

Jeunesse settlement

In a Jeunesse Class Action Lawsuit, a man from Florida has made an allegation that he and users with him were made to take part in a scheme. The scheme prioritized the recruitment of other sales rather than sales of skin care products and settlements.
The plaintiffs have claimed the Jeunesse changed the system against the distributors. They forced them to pay for a starter kit and to also to participate in their marketing scheme. Moreover, the class action states that the sales promised by Jeunesse failed to materialize. With this, the distributors were left with unsold and the expired products.
The brand denies any type of wrongdoing but still has agreed to pay the Class Members who purchased a starter kit to take part in the sale. They also took part in the distribution of skin care products, but still, they did not end up making any profits after the purchase.
So, those who have signed up to sell the skin care products as a part of the multi-marketing scheme may qualify for cash from a $2.5 million class settlement.
Class Members also include the individuals who purchased the products for resale, but they failed to re-sale their inventory.
Now the starter kit Class Members will receive a payment for the amount of starter kit. However, other Class Member will receive a payment of up to 50% of the purchase of the products.
These are the products that they discarded, along with the 90% of refund of products that they still have. But they failed to sell.
Under the terms of this settlement, the active distributors will have resigned to take part in the claim.
Potential Award: The award will vary from one class member to another. Class Members get $49 if they have a purchased a starter kit.
In addition to this, the class members can also get 50% of the products that they have discarded. Moreover, they will also get a 90% refund for the items that they did not use.
Proof Of Purchase: Class Member ID for online claims.
Those who are claiming for the discarded pro for the discarded products will have to offer more information on them.
However, those who are seeking the refund, they will have to return the products under the ‘Jeunesse Extended Distributor Account’ benefit.
Time Period Of This Settlement: Jan 1, 2010, to Sept 3, 2018.
Deadline: November 26, 2018
Final Hearing- January 8, 2019
Settlement Website:
Click here to file a claim.

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