Sunrise And Illinois Time Clock Finger Scan Settlement

Clock Finger Scan Settlement

According to the clock finger scan settlement, the workers have managed to secure a settlement for the allegations against the Sunrise Senior Living Management.

They have violated Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) by forcing their employees to use their fingerprints for getting in and out of work. The lawsuit says that this company, Sunrise has used the Kronos system to track the timekeeping with the fingerprints, from Nov’14, 2012 to Dec’31, 2017.

They have also made an allegation that employees had no idea for how long the company will keep their fingerprints. And, there was a chance that these fingerprints might be exposed to theft, data breach or even a fraud as well.

The Class Members who are eligible for this settlement include the employees who have worked with the company under that specific duration. If you are an eligible class member, you will receive either $25 or $75, depending on their employing duration.

You are also given an option to choose if you’d prefer to take part in this settlement or not. If you do not wish to take part in this settlement, you have to exclude from the terms, no later than Jan 18, 2019.

Final Hearing

 14 Feb’ 2019

Potential Award For The Eligible Class Members

Depending on the dates of employment, you will receive either $25 or $75


No proof of purchase is required to claim the potential award.

Settlement Website

Case Name

Taylor v. Sunrise Senior Living Management Inc., Case No. 2017-CH-15152, in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois

Objection Deadline


Claims Administrator

Taylor v. Sunrise
c/o Heffler Claims Group
PO Box 58044
Philadelphia, PA 19102-8044

Class Counsel

Jay Edelson
J. Eli Wade-Scott

David Fish

 Defense Counsel

 Jason Schwartz
Joshua Jessen

Daniel Mills
Robert Emin Sidkey

 Note: Do not file the claim, if you do not qualify for this settlement. You are submitting a claim under penalty of perjury. If you submit a fraudulent claim, you will be harming other eligible class members.


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