Takata Defective Airbags Class Action Settlement- Click Here To Know More

Japanese airbag maker Takata defective airbags ready to resolve the class action lawsuit against it. There was massive defective airbag in leading cars made by Takata.

Leading car brands such as Mazda, BMW, Toyota, and Subaru have agreed to settle class action lawsuits related to the Takata airbag defect.

Did you buy a Car from leading brands with defective airbags? If yes then, you could get compensation. File a claim now!

What Caused Defective Airbags Manufactured by Takata?

The pursuit of a cheaper path led to the defective airbag in cars. Takata replaced a safe compound with a volatile compound that was much cheaper than a safe chemical. However, Takata admitted to knowing about these defects but still supply car manufacturers the same airbags.

Case Summary

In 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed against the defective airbag manufacturer along with several car makers, including Honda. The complaint alleges that Takata and the automakers violated consumer protection and racketeering laws. They concealed the poor nature of the Takata for more than a decade.

This settlement will resolve all the allegations that these companies manufactured and distributed that contain airbags with poor deflators.

When these defective deflators are deployed, it can cause the airbag to rupture and get the debris into the vehicle. Along with this, the Plaintiffs said that they also sustained to various economic losses as a result of the Takata airbags.

Around184 people injured in the United States due to potentially deadly Takata airbags. However, near about eight people killed from the Takata defective airbags in the U.S.

Now, Takata has reported reaching a settlement that requires the airbag manufacturer to pay $1 billion for the penalties of wrongdoing. The car companies have also recalled millions of vehicles that contain the defective airbags, and have the blame of 10 deaths and 100 injuries worldwide.

Furthermore, the defendants deny the wrongdoing but have also agreed to settle for the Takata class action lawsuits to avoid the risk and burden of the litigation.

Eligibility for lawsuit 

All the People in the U.S who buy a car with defective Takata airbags are eligible for a claim. Moreover, who experience injury due to potentially deadly airbags can get compensation under the settlement.

On Sept. 5, 2018, Ford’s nearly agreement for its part in a Takata class action lawsuit was preliminarily approved by a federal judge.

However, if you would like to opt out of Mazda, BMW, Toyota and Subaru settlement, you must do it no later than Sept 25, 2017.



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