Pennsylvania Walmart Coupon Class Action Settlement

Walmart under Coupon Class Action Settlement has agreed to pay $45 million to settle down a class action lawsuit against them. They had on allegation on them that Walmart has wrongfully charged the non discounted sales tax on the discounted purchases at their Pennsylvania locations.

You will get a claim for this settlement if you have purchased a taxable item at Pennsylvania’s Walmart from June’8, 2007 to April’15 2015. The consumer will also get the benefit if you have received the taxable item discount on the item, and were also charged sales tax on the original price of the item without accounting for any discount.

Now, Walmart has agreed to pay between $21.5 million to $45 million to settle claims for the laws that were violated by them. Walmart has an allegation that they failed to deduct the value of coupons before calculating the actual sales tax.

The eligible customers who have filed the claim will now receive a gift card between $30 and $100. The amount received by each of the class members will depend upon the numbers of claims submitted by you.

Plaintiff has filed this class action after he purchased two shaving cans with their buy one get one coupon. But with this coupon, they also gave sales tax on both the items.

All the eligible consumers have until Nov’22, 2018 to submit a claim form through mail or online till Nov’14, 2018. The final hearing of this case is scheduled for Nov’19 after which the settlement fund will be dispersed.

Which Members Are Eligible?

All the consumers are eligible who have used a coupon by Walmart from June’8, 2007 to April’15, 2015. Not only did they use a coupon, but were also charged a sales tax on their original purchase.

Potential Awards

The Gift cards up to $100

No proof of purchase.

Claim Form

Click here to file a claim.

Note: Do not file this claim if you do not qualify for this settlement. Moreover, you will also be filing it under penalty of perjury.

If you submit a fraud claim, you will be harming other class members as well. In case, if you do not qualify for this settlement, you can check our database for other open settlements as well.

Case Name

Farneth v. Walmart Stores Inc., Case No. GD13-11472, in the Court of Common Pleas in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Settlement Website

Final Hearing


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