BMW Oil Consumption Class Action Settlement

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Plaintiff Joon Bang had filed the BMW Oil Class Action Lawsuit in September 2015 stating that the N63 engine that powers these models consume excessive amounts of motor oil requiring more frequent oil changes and the need for adding oil between the regular changes. The complainant also alleged that the presence of this defect causes the battery to drain faster, which further causes premature battery failure.

If you have or had one of the BMW models with make-year 2009-2014 that are powered by an N63 engine, you may be eligible to receive a potential compensation from the manufacturing brand. The models include:

  • BMW 5 series
  • BMW 6 Series
  • BMW 7 Series
  • BMW X5 Series
  • BMW X6 Series

Even before the case goes to trial, the company rejected any wrongdoings, but agreed to settle the case so as to save further litigation expenses. The automaker, however, has not estimated any value for the deal. Regarding the compensation, the plaintiffs’ attorneys claim that the owners of such cars will receive the same or perhaps higher amounts than what they would have received had they won the trail.

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