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A Vibration Class Action Settlement settlement came up in Honda class action lawsuit that will offer repairs and relief to the customers of 2015 Honda CRV vehicles who encountered the vibration effect. But the award of this settlement is not monetary.

The leading car brand, Honda has started an outreach program that will inform all the owners regarding the vehicle modifications. The modifications are by Honda, but Plaintiffs has made an allegation that the car dealer did not communicate it to the customers who were experiencing vibration issues.

Now, according to this settlement, they will provide regular reminders about the warranty that will cover vehicle modifications and all the rights of Class Members. Moreover, the payment amount will also be negotiated for class representative and counsel awards.

This Honda CRV class action lawsuit began in May 2015 with the allegation that the vibration defect in vehicles affected it to “the point of nausea.” In October 2015, Honda also said that they would consolidate the action with similar lawsuits.

For this settlement, the Class Members will not have to submit any type of class form. The last objection date was Aug’24, 2018 and the final hearing is scheduled for Nov’ 6, 2018.

Are You Eligible?

Every consumer who owns this car or has a lease on 2015 Honda CR-V in the United States is eligible.


Provision of repairs for all the cars with vibrating issues

Case Name

In re: American Honda Motor Co. Inc. CR-V Vibration Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, Case No. 2:15-md-02661-MHW-EPD, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio

Vibration Class Action Settlement Website

Note: Do not file the claim if you do not qualify for it as it will harm other class members too.

Claims Administrator

CR-V Vibration Settlement
P.O. Box 2718
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Final Hearing