Maxim Healthcare Employee Background Check Class Action Settlement

The Job applicants get successful in securing a $1.2 million settlement against Maxim Healthcare. The lawsuit against the healthcare stated that the firm did not inform potential employees about consumer report checking as a part of the application process.

Did you apply and got a job in the healthcare company between May 5, 2009, and Aug. 27, 2012, and your consumer report checked by Maxim. If so, you could get compensation.

Case summary:

The Maxim Healthcare class action lawsuit claimed that the healthcare company violated the federal consumer privacy protection law by checking employee background.

Moreover, Maxim violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act. According to the FCRA, job seekers must be properly informed about their background checks.

Further, the lawsuit claim that Maxim, a health and medical care staffing company, failed to offer proper disclosure to job applicants.

But, on the other hand, Maxim denies any wrongdoing and about violation of the federal law. However, the healthcare company agreed to pay $1.2 million to settle the employee background check class action lawsuit.

Under the terms and conditions of the settlement, the company will pay each Class Member. The members will get a portion of the settlement amount based on the number of valid claims submitted before the deadline.

Note: In order to submit a claim, Class Members need to provide the Claim ID number send on their Notice.

Further, the Class Members who did not receive any notice can either contact the settlement administrator or provide their name and address. They also need to provide the background check authorization form which they signed as a part of their employment agreement with Maxim.

The deadline to or opt out of the Maxim Healthcare employee bias class action settlement is June 4, 2019.

Eligibility for the claim

  • The Class Members who were employed by Maxim Healthcare between May 5, 2009, and Aug. 27, 2012.
  • The Class Members with completed a background check authorization and release form.
  • Additionally, Maxim must have obtained a consumer report on the Class Member before Aug. 27, 2012.

Deadline to file the claim


Click here to file the claim!

Potential awards

To be determined

Details of the filed case

Case name

Moodie v. Maxim Healthcare Services Inc.,

Case No. 2:14-cv-03471-FMO-AS,

in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Maxim Healthcare Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
P.O. Box 91054
Seattle, WA 98111

[email protected]

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