Magazine Subscriber Info Class Action Settlement: Michigan Conde Nast

Subscriber Info Class Action Settlement

A $13.75 subscriber info class action settlement has reached in a Michigan Conde Nast Subscriber lawsuit that resolves the privacy allegations.

The plaintiffs in the Conde Nast have claimed that the magazine publishers have wrongfully shared the Michigan Conde Nast subscriber’s info with the third parties. Not just have they shared the information, but they have also violated Michigan’s Preservation of Personal Privacy Act. The publications that were covered in this subscriber info class action settlement include Brides, Allure, Bon Appétit, Golf Digest, Glamour, GQ Lucky, The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, W, Women’s Wear Daily, and Wired.

These parties admit no wrongdoing, but the parties involved have decided to settle the case with the monetary payout for class members.

The Conde Nast believes that the practice complied with the Michigan laws. But still, they chose to settle the allegations on them so that they can focus on providing the valued content to its readers.

For this settlement, the class member includes the Michigan customers who had a subscription to this settlement between July 20, 2009, and July 30, 2016. However, the exact amount will depend on the number of valid claims, but the payout is to be estimated around $75.

Moreover, the class counsel will ask no more than one-third of the settlement fund as the attorney fee plus the reimbursements for other expenses. With this, the fund will also pay $10,000 to the class representative for her plaintiff services.

Are You Eligible?

All the residents of Michigan are eligible who subscribed to publications from July 20, 2009, to July 30, 2016.

Click here to file a claim. (if you are unable to fill the claim form online, you can also print the settlement and send it through email.)

Proof Of Purchase

Not Applicable

Potential Award


Claim Form Deadline


Final Hearing


Settlement Website

Case Name

Moeller v. Advance Magazine Publishers Inc. d/b/a Condé Nast, Case No. 15-cv-05671-NRB, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York

Claims Administrator

Condé Nast Settlement
c/o JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91348
Seattle, WA 98111
[email protected]

Note: Do not file a claim, if you do not qualify for this settlement. Remember, you are submitting the claim under the penalty of perjury. If you are submitting a fraudulent claim, you will be harming the other eligible members.

In case, if you are unsure of if you qualify, read the FAQ section of the settlement administrator’s website.


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