Are You Eligible For Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors Class Action Settlement?

Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors

Watts Regulator Co. has agreed to settle class action lawsuits worth $14 million. This Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors class action lawsuit was brought up by the homeowners who claim that Watts has manufactured and sold defective water heaters. Hence, these defective heaters caused substantial damage to their homes. The plaintiffs named, Joseph Ponzo and Curtis Klug, with other four plaintiffs separated sued, Watts.

Both the class action lawsuits claim that Watts has manufactured and sold defective connectors. They knew the defective condition of those connectors and still failed to provide warnings for the prevention of failures of connectors.

Their statement states that they have suffered massive damage due to the Watts’ defective water heater supply and heating connectors. These connectors were commonly used in supplying water to the household appliances including dishwashers, washing machines, faucets, icemakers, and lot more.

Along with this, the plaintiffs Klug’s class action lawsuit also contend that the shut-off devices for the connectors were defective. While the plaintiffs in Ponzo, the inner tubing water heater supply connectors causes major water heater damage. Now, under the terms of Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors settlement, Watts will pay $14 million into the common settlement fund.

They deny all the allegations on them and say that their Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors are not defective in any respect. However, they will settle all the costs including the attorney fees, court costs, and other administration charges.

If any class members want to exclude themselves from this settlement, they must do it by March 07, 2017.

Who Is Eligible?

You are an eligible class member if you own or have owned a residence or any other structure that is located in the United States. However, it should contain Watts Heater and FloodSafe Connectors after November 4, 2018.

Potential Award

It varies on the number of eligible claims that are submitted in the first year of final approval of settlements. The potential award will begin from $10 and will range up to $40.

Proof Of Purchase

To get the claim, you must supply documentation for the proof of ownership of each eligible Watts heater and flood safe connectors. You can also use a photograph of the connector that shows the characteristics, which identifies the Watts product along with the label.

Click here to file a claim.

Claim Form Deadline

The claim form deadline for property damages that occurs after Nov 4, 2014, is April 13, 2021. But, the part replacement deadline has already passed.

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