Zayo Fingerprint, Hand Scan Class Action Settlement

The Zayo group of infrastructure ready to pay $990,000 under the Zayo class action settlement. The settlement was made to resolve the allegations against the network infrastructure company.

Did you visit a Zayo Group facility for Illinois between July 6, 2012 and Dec. 27, 2017, and were asked for a hand, palm, or finger scan? If yes, then you can get $400 from the class action settlement.

What is Zayo Group?

According to the Zayo website, it is the leading provider of global communications infrastructure, with high-quality networks throughout the US and Europe.

One of the plaintiffs Denis Zhirovetskiy claimed that when he and others visited the company. And, were asked to provide their bio-metric information, which is the violation of Bio-metric Information Privacy Act, or BIPA.

The bio-metric information includes facial scans, hand-prints, and fingerprints for the identification of an individual.

The BIPA act requires the written notice about the biometric information collection and storage. Also, it requires the specific purpose and length of time for which the data can be stored and used.

According to the Zayo fingerprint scan class action lawsuit, the company obtained fingerprint information for security purposes at its Illinois facilities. But failed to inform the individuals as required under the BIPA.

According to the terms of the Zayo class action settlement, the Class Members can get cash payments of up to $400.

To file a valid claim, the Class Members need to provide their Claim ID and PIN Code provided on the printed or emailed notice. Those who want to file the claim without this information need to contact the settlement administrator at 1-866-458-2106.

However, the Class Members who want to opt out or exclude themselves from the Zayo hand scan class action settlement must do so by March 8, 2019.

Eligibility to file the claim:

The Class Members who visited a Zayo Group facility in Illinois between July 6, 2012 and Dec. 27, 2017, are eligible for the claim. But, they eligible only if they were provide a hand, palm, or finger scan for security purposes at Zayo.

Last date to file the claim:


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Potential award:


Details of the filed case:

Case name

Zhirovetskiy, et al. v. Zayo Group LLC,

Case No. 17-CH-09323,

in the Circuit Court for Cook County, Illinois

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Zayo BIPA Settlement Settlement Administrator

KCC Class Action Services LLC

PO Box 404041 Louisville,

KY 40233-4041


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