State Farm Non-OEM Crash Parts Class Action Settlement

State Farm Non-OEM Crash Parts Class Action Settlement

Under the State Farm casualty insurance policy that falls between July 1987 and February 1998, you can become the part of a class action settlement that of $250 million with the insurance company. The Lead plaintiff has alleged that after being hit by $1 billion judgment in the crash parts class action lawsuit, State Farm has bribed a Supreme Court judge by furnishing the campaign funds.

The State farm class action lawsuit has also said that the judge was re-elected against the State Farm months later. However, under the terms, this insurance company admits no wrongdoing.

The class members include customers all across the world except Tennessee and Arkansas who had the insurance of State Farm vehicle casualty insurance or if they had made a claim for vehicle parts and had crash parts installed.

The class members will receive a notice in the mail if they want to change their address. However, the class action settlement form needs to be filed by Nov 17, 2018.

The final hearing is on Dec’13, 2018.

Who Is Eligible?

Class Members include all the persons in the United States, except who reside in Tennessee and Arkansas, between July 28, 1987, and February 24, 1998.

Potential award

The award for settlement entirely depends on the number of class members submitting the claims on time

Proof of purchase

The notification will be sent through the mail to the class members, and people received a notice don’t require anything to initiate further. If Class members don’t get the postcard, then they need to submit the form of claim and deliver information about the applications that are generated on their vehicle between the year 1987 and 24th February 1998.

Claim form

Click here to file a claim

Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Hale v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Case No. 12-cv-00660-DRH, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois

Final Hearing


Settlement Website

Claims Administrator

Hale v. State Farm Class Action Administrator
c/o Epiq
P.O. Box 5053
Portland, OR 97208-5053

Note: If you do not qualify for this settlement, do not file a claim.

Remember that you are submitting the claim under penalty of perjury. You will be harming other eligible class members by submitting a fraudulent claim. However, if you are unsure of your qualification, look for other open settlement on our website.

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