Spotlight: Simply Fashion Class Action, ExactTarget Text Message

Simply Fashion Class Action

Summary:  Simply Fashion is being sued by consumers for using an automatic telephone dialing system without prior consent. Simply Fashion Class Action is based on a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”). Simply Fashion denies any wrongdoings, but has chosen to settle the matter in the amount of $6.25 million.

Eligibility: All persons in United States whom received a SMS message from Simply Fashion via ExactTarget texting platform from July 23rd, 2009 through September 30th, 2013 (“Class Period”). It is estimated that approximately 528,451 individuals are in the Settlement Class. Additionally, if you have received a postcard or email regarding the Class Action Then you have been identified as a potential class member. These communications are from the Claims Administrator, they were sent because your mobile number was in Defendant’s records.

Estimated Amount: Up to $1,500

Settlement Pool: $6,250,000

Deadline: 06/12/2018

Proof of Purchase: You need a PIN number or you need to provide the proof of receiving the message.

Simply Fashion/ExactTarget Class Action Claim Form

Contact Administrator: Simms v. ExactTarget LLC Claims Administrator c/o Heffler Claims Group
P.O. Box 11730, Philadelphia, PA 19101-1730
Phone: 1-844-245-3777
Email: [email protected]


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