SingleCare Junk Fax Class Action Settlement-Click Here To Know More

SingleCare Services agreed to pay nearly $1 million to settle a junk fax class action lawsuit.

If you received any advertising fax between Sept. 25, 2014, and Jan. 29, 2019 from SingleCare, then you can get up to $95 from the settlement.

The SingleCare Services was accused of sending junk faxes to businesses, with the purpose of advertisement of their goods, services, and properties.

Case summary:

According to the class action lawsuit, the unsolicited fax messages are a violation of the federal Federal Telephone Act. Further, the lawsuit claim that the company sends fax advertisements to consumers who have no business relationship, and without their permission.

The TCPA is a federal law that aims to protect consumers from unwanted and harassing advertisements. Moreover, according to the Act, actions which are prohibited includes sending unsolicited text messages, sending advertisement faxes and much more.

Moreover, the SingleCare does not admit any wrongdoing, but ready to settle the case to save money from unwanted continuation. However, the resolution provides an opportunity for the defendant and claimant to resolve the issue while also avoiding the risks of future litigation.

The Class Members can get up to $95 under the SingleCare junk fax settlement. For securing claim benefit, they have to file a valid claim before June 18, 2019.

The actual settlement payment amount may vary according to the number of claims filed before the due date. Moreover, the attorneys’ fees and court costs will get deducted from the settlement amount by the court.

Moreover, according to the SingleCare class action the company sent unsolicited advertisement fax to about 10,000 individuals and entities.

The exclusion deadline, to request to be removed from the Settlement Class, is 35 days after the notice is sent out. Exclusion/opt-out requests can be sent to the settlement administrator.

The objection deadline is 35 days after the notice is sent out to the class members.  Moreover, inform the court and Class Counsel regarding any issues with the settlement.

Eligibility to file the claim:

All the consumers who received advertising junk fax from SingleCare between Sept. 25, 2014 and Jan. 29, 2019 are eligible to file the claim.

Potential Award

Up to $95.

Proof of Purchase

Class Members need to provide the fax number that they received a fax from SingleCare.

Last date to file the claim


Details of the filed case

Case name

Broward Psychology PA v. SingleCare Services LLC,

Case No. CACE-18-022689,

in the Circuit Court of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit in and for Broward County, Florida

Final hearing


Claims administrator

SingleCare Services TCPA Settlement
c/o Settlement Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103
[email protected]

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