Overcharge Class Action Settlement-Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles

Overcharge Class Action Settlement

An overcharge class action settlement has been proposed alleging that the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has overcharged the residents of Indiana. So, if you have paid fees to this Bureau since Jan 2002, you are eligible for the claim through this class action lawsuit.

According to this class action lawsuit, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has overcharged the residents of Indiana who have paid for certain transactions including ID cards, license registrations, vehicle registrations, and other motor vehicle services.

This settlement got approved on May 02, 2017.

A report published on IndyStar.com says that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles has also admitted overcharging the residents. The overcharges amount to be $115 million in the last 15 years. The plaintiffs say that all the overcharges should be returned to the residents who have initially paid them.

With this, the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles has agreed to pay $62 million to pay back all the Indiana customers for all the overcharges. However, the charges that were made after mid-2006 will be refunded in the form of credits. These credits will be applicable to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles transactions.

But to get the claim for all your overcharges, the class members of this Overcharge Class Action Settlement will have to fill up the claim form. More than 5.5 million Indiana businesses and residents will qualify as the class member for the claims of this settlement.

Overcharge Class Action Settlement Award

The potential award for this Overcharge Class Action Settlement varies on the amount of fees that you have paid to Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

However, according to the estimates, the range will vary between $1 and $50.

Are You Eligible?

The class members will include the Indiana Residents who have paid one or more fees to Bureau of Motor Vehicles, since Jan’1, 2002. You can check the list of dates and fees here.

Click here to file a claim.

Click here to file a claim that is paid after mid-2006.

Proof Of Purchase

To file a claim, you must either provide a social security number or a driver’s license number.

Case Name

Tammy Raab v. Kent W. Abernathy, et al., Case No 49D11-131-PL-038001, in the Marion County, Indiana Superior Court

Settlement Website


Claim Form Deadline


As said that the people who have paid fees, from 2006 to 2014, their refund will be returned as credits. But these class members can still request an overcharge by filling up the claim form.

Final Hearing


Claims Administrator

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