New Jersey Burlington Coat Factory False Sale Class Action Settlement

A settlement has been reached that resolve the New Jersey Burlington Coat Factory Fake Sale lawsuit. The company used fake reference prices on their items that had never been offered to customers ‘under the said sale.

Case summary:

The plaintiffs alleged that the company uses fake pricing trick on consumers to make them think that they are getting a big discount.

However, New Jersey residents who purchased products from Burlington Coat Factory location between June 26, 2011, and May 22, 2017, can get compensation. But, the condition is that the purchases made from the store and not returned for any refund.

Lead plaintiffs alleged that New Jersey Burlington used false “reference pricing” on their sale tags. Further, the Burlington lawsuit claimed that the consumers would not have decided to purchase the items if they know the products not offered sale. Moreover, the plaintiff state that on its website, Burlington mentions that “you’ll get a large assortment of current, high-quality, designer and name-brand merchandise at up to 60% off other retailers’ prices.” However, the company agreed to settle the class action lawsuit but admits no wrongdoing.

According to the terms of the Burlington class action settlement, the Class Members can receive a store credit of $5 for a new purchase.

Moreover, the Class Members who purchased more than $500 can get an additional $5 purchase credit if they provide the required proof of purchase. Proof of purchase can be any like receipts or debit/credit card statements or anything that indicates the amount of the transaction.

Note: Purchase credits, are valid only for one year.

The claimants can submit claim forms either online or offline by mailing the printed copy before June 6, 2019.

Further, the customers’ who want to object to the settlement or wish to be excluded from it may do so before March 20, 2019.

Who are eligible to file a claim?

All New Jersey citizens purchase one or more in-store products at a Burlington store located in New Jersey between June 26, 2011, and May 22, 2017. But, did not receive any refund or credit.

Potential award

$5 to $10

Deadline to file the claim:


Click here to file the claim!

Details of the filed case:

Case name

Anderson, et al. v. Burlington Coat Factory of New Jersey LLC,

Case No. CAM-L-2582-17,

in the Superior Court of New Jersey,

Law Division Camden County

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Burlington Settlement Administrator 1650 Arch Street,

Suite 2210 Philadelphia,

PA 19103 (888) 798-4999

[email protected]



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