Nationwide Mutual Insurance Robocalls Class Action Settlement

A $5 million settlement is made between the company and plaintiffs. This was made resolve the class action against  Nationwide Mutual Insurance over claims for robocalls to consumers without their consent.

If you received telemarketing calls related to Nationwide mutual insurance without your consent; and the dates were between Sept. 27, 2012 and Oct. 15, 2018, you may receive compensation.

Case Summary

The Nationwide class action settlement benefits those who were called on behalf of Nationwide by MediaAlpha. Not just MediaAlpha, the benefits are applicable for those who have received calls by Variable.

Moreover, you are also eligible if you  were included in Nationwide’s internal do not call list.

Lead plaintiffs claimed that the company placed advertising calls to them without their consent. The Nationwide insurance company uses pre-recorded message to advertise their product. Further, according to the Nationwide class action, the company did violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The TCPA prohibits companies from calling with advertising messages without consent. Further, it limited the companies from using automatic dialing systems and prerecorded messages. However, fines under the TCPA law are high, ranging from $500 to $1,500 per violation.

Moreover, the Nationwide Mutual Insurance robocalls class action lawsuit claimed the insurer of failing to pay to TCPA compliance. Moreover, Nationwide  agreed to pay $5 million to settle the class action lawsuit against it.

Further, according to the terms and conditions of the settlement, class members will automatically received the cash awards , while others need to file a valid claim.

Who Are Eligible To File The Claim?

MediaAlpha Settlement Class Members: All persons who received a  call advertising Nationwide’s homeowners or automotive insurance products,  during the Class Period [Sept. 27, 2012 through Oct. 15, 2018.

Nationwide IDNC Settlement Class Members: All persons who received more than one telephone solicitation on their phone number that had been registered on Do Not Call Registry.

Variable Settlement Class Members: Persons who got a call from Variable Marketing, whose telephone call was transferred to a Nationwide Agent during the Class Period.

Potential Award

$30 to $75 depending on the Class.

Claim Form Deadline

Case Name

Rice-Redding, et al. v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company,

Case No. 1:16-cv-03634-WMR,

in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia,

Atlanta Division

Final Hearing


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