Know about Intelliquick Driver Wages Class Action Settlement

IntelliQuick agrees to pay $5.5 million amount under the class action settlement. The lawsuit against intelliquick was filed by the delivery drivers.

Case summary:

The Class Members are couriers and other delivery drivers who worked for IntelliQuick. It is an Arizona delivery service, which knowingly misclassified its drivers or couriers as independent contractors between April 9, 2009, and July 7, 2018.

More than 250 uniformed and credentialed delivery driver agents were named as independent contractors. Further, the lead plaintiff accused the delivery service company failed to pay delivery drivers appropriately for working hours. Therefore, according to the IntelliQuick driver wages lawsuit, the company misclassified workers as “independent contractors” and failed to pay them minimum wage for overtime.

Moreover, the lawsuit also accused IntelliQuick of not maintain the proper time and pay records of drivers. Further, it stated that it is the violation of both state and federal worker protection laws, along with the Fair Labor Standard Act.

The IntelliQuick driver wages class action lawsuit  filed by drivers on April 19, 2012. Most of the Class Members have been identified. But there are 96 current or former IntelliQuick drivers which have not yet identified and can opt into the settlement.

However, according to the settlement, the drivers get compensation for unpaid minimum wages or overtime work performed them between April 8, 2009, and July 7, 2018.

To file a claim the Class Members need to provide their SIMID number that they can see on the provided notice. However, the Class Members who did not receive notice or who cannot find their SIMID number can call at 833-200-6669.

Note: Class Members who want to exclude themselves or opt out of the IntelliQuick driver wages class action settlement, must do so by April 23, 2019.

Who are eligible to file a claim:

Class Members include current and former IntelliQuick couriers and delivery drivers who worked in Arizona between April 9, 2009, and July 7, 2018.

Potential award:

Depends on the number of class members

Deadline to file the claim:


Click here to file a claim!

Details of the filed case

Case name

Collinge, et al. v. IntelliQuick Delivery al.,

Case No. 2:12-cv-00824-JWS,

in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Collinge, et al. v. IntelliQuick Delivery Inc.,et al.

c/o Simpluris Inc.

P.O. Box 26170

Santa Ana, CA 92799 (888) 369-3780



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