California Tinder Age Bias Class Action Settlement

California love seekers have succeeded in securing a $17.3 million from the Tinder age bias class action settlement.

Are you 29 or older and purchase a subscription to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold between March 2, 2015, and March 1, 2019? If yes, then you could get compensation.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a very famous dating app that allows people to connect with others in their nearby areas.

What is Tinder Class Action Lawsuit?

Tinder class action lawsuit is all about the age discrimination done by the Tinder app for a subscription.  A California woman claimed that the Tinder app did age discrimination in its deluxe versions of the app.

According to the Tinder age bias class action lawsuit, the users 29 or older were charged more as compared to others for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold membership.

Further, the class action lawsuit claimed that the users under the age of 29 got a fifty percent discount to subscribe to the Gold or Plus version of the app.

According to plaintiff Lisa Kim, this pricing structure of the Tinder app was discriminatory. However, Tinder contended that the pricing structure only reflected the preferred price for various age groups.

moreover, the plaintiff said that the pricing structure for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold violated the California anti-discrimination laws. Moreover, the app made a difference in pricing depending upon the age of users.

Under the terms and conditions of the Tinder age bias class action settlement, the dating company will pay $17.3 million to the Class Members.

However, the Class Members who still subscribe to the Tinder app will receive 50 “Super Likes” at no costs. Super Likes are a premium feature of the application which benefits members for $1 and allows them to enhance their profile.

Further, to get the benefits the class members need to file a valid claim before the deadline. The Members who submit Claim Forms can receive one of three awards. The award is $25 cash, an additional 25 Super Likes,or free one-month subscription to the Tinder app.

Note: Class Members need to submit the Unique Claim ID provided on the Notice to them. Those who do not receive any notice can contact at Settlement Administrator at 1-888-437-2280.

Potential Award


Deadline to file the claim

Click here to file the claim!

Details of the filed case

Case name

Kim v. Tinder Inc., et al.,

Case No. 2:18-cv-03093,

in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Kim v. Tinder
c/o Epiq
P.O. Box 3219
Portland, OR 97208-3219

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