California Magazine Auto Renewal Settlement

Magazine Auto Renewal Settlement

According to Magazine Auto Renewal Settlement, Synapse agrees to pay $4.9 million settlement to resolve a Synapse magazine auto renewal class action lawsuit. Therefore, Californians between May 17, 2012 and Oct. 8, 2018 who were enrolled in an automatic renewal magazine subscription could get compensation.

The lead plaintiffs accused that the Synapse Group’s automatic magazine renewal scheme charged consumers’ credit and debit cards. They said it charged without their knowledge or consent.

Case summary:

According to the Synapse class action lawsuit, consumers were not told about the terms of the Synapse magazine auto renewal policy. They were not clearly explained the policy by the company.

Further, the class action lawsuit claimed that both the sign up and cancellation process regarding auto renewal were deceptive. Moreover, the plaintiffs say they were not informed that by purchasing magazines using the company’s website, they would be automatically enrolled in a subscription to those magazines.

Further, the cancellation process was not straightforward, contended the plaintiffs. They alleged that the cancellation process was not timely, economical, or easy to use.

The plaintiffs claimed that by auto renewing magazine subscriptions, the company violated California’s Automatic Renewal Law.

However, Synapse Group agreed to pay $5 million to resolve the auto renewal class action lawsuit. In addition, the company also agreed to change its auto renewal policies. It will clearly define the terms and cancellation procedures in future to customers.

According to the Synapse magazine class action settlement, the Class Members can receive a share of the settlement award after minus the administrative costs, attorney’s fees, and plaintiffs’ awards.

For claim, class members can either fill online claim form or can mail in a paper claim form.

Further, to submit a claim online for Magazine Auto Renewal Settlement , Class Members need to provide their CPT ID and Passcode, provided on emailed notice.

Class Members without CTP ID can submit claim by mail a paper form with their name and contact information.

Deadline for Class Members to object to or exclude themselves from the Synapse magazine class action settlement is May 3, 2019.

Last date to file the claim is 05/03/2019.

Click here to file the claim!

Potential award

The Class Members for Magazine Auto Renewal Settlement will receive an equal portion of the amount based on the number of valid claims submitted.

Details of the filed case

Case name

Cruz v. Synapse Group Inc., et al.,

Case No. 37-2018-00032240-CU-MC-CTL,

in the Superior Court of the State of California,

County of San Diego

Final hearing


Claims administrator

Cruz v. Synapse Settlement Administrator

c/o CPT Group Inc.

50 Corporate Park Irvine,

CA 92606 1-888-202-1382

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