BP Solar Panel Class Action Settlement

BP Panel Class Action Settlement

The BP solar panel class action settlement against solar panels are defective have come to an end.  The allegations say that the panels, which are subjected to fire hazards are proven right. BP solar panel class action settlement has also declared the solar panels sold by Home Depot are dangerous and risky to use.

The lawsuit has demanded immediate action for against this defective equipment. You can avail replacement for your solar and inverter under this defect class action settlement. Solar panels by BP solar panel international lnc anytime between 1999 to 2007 posses are in the settlement.

Solar Panel Defects

The solar panels use S- type junction boxes are prone to failure. These junction boxes have the tendency to shatter glass and burn vigorously. The Bp panels don’t possess any possibility for repairs, and therefore the lawsuit wants them all to be removed and replaced. It was also brought to light that BP has been aware of the defects and risk of their solar panels since 2003 but continued to sell them until 2010. The Bp solar panel class action asserts that the defect due to the overheating.

The risk and defect started with heating of joints to over 2000-3000 degrees. At these temperatures, an arc forms around the joints and this arc become the main reason of fire and performance issues.

BP solar panel denied the allegation, but the lawsuit declared them guilty. The company agrees to pay more than 65 million dollars for settlement of the case.

If you have any objection or you want to exclude yourself from BP solar panel action settlement, you can do it by Nov.28, 2016.


Anyone in the US who have purchased the BP solar panels for installation, or already have it installed and who own at least some of these panels are included in BP solar panel action settlement.

Class Members

Category 1:- it covers all the high-risk solar panel that needs immediate replacement. You can claim free removal disposal and replacement of these panels from the company.

Category 2:- there are some panels that posse comparatively low risk of fire and overheating. You can claim free inspection for these panels and get a replacement if the failure rate exceeds 20%. They replacement inverter are designed with auto shut down the system if there is an arc fault in the system.

Proof Of Purchase

You cannot claim replacement without proving your ownership. You will need proof of purchase, serial number, and other information about the solar panel.

The final hearing was on 12/22/2016

Settlement Website: bpsolarsettlement.co

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