Are You Eligible for Wendy’s Data Breach Class Action Settlement

Wendy has agreed to pay $3.4 million to settle the class action lawsuit against them. According to the lawsuit and this data breach class action settlement, they have an allegation, which says that have failed to protect consumer information during a data breach.

Now, the consumers who are affected by this breach are eligible to collect up to $5,000 as compensation. They claimed that this fast food company was unable to protect their client’s data during a data breach.

The plaintiff Torres says that after he used his debit card at a Wendy’s location in Florida; he was contacted by the credit union.

Later, the credit union informed him that the card was used By Best Buy and Sport’s Authority to make purchases. The plaintiff also claims that he had the possession of his card at the same time when someone was trying to make fraudulent purchases using his information.

Claims and Allegations


With these claims and allegations on them, in February 2016, Wendy finally said that malware had been found in their payment systems. This malware has compromised the customer’s personal data including their name, card information, security codes, and other important information. And, in April 2016, Wendy wanted the dismissal of class action and told that the plaintiff claims were based on speculation. However, at last, they agreed to settle the case in 2018.

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Are You Eligible?

Consumers who have used any type of payment cards at certain Wendy’s restaurants between Oct. 25, 2015, and Jun. 28, 2016 are eligible.

Proof of Purchase

If the eligible class member has documented expenses, he will get the reimbursement for up to $5,000. But if the case is for under-documented expenses, the member can seek compensation for two hours of the undocumented time that was spent on solving the issues.

In case, if the member does not have any documentation, they are eligible to recover compensation for two hours of time that they have spent on the data breach.

Final Hearing


Claim Form Deadline


Case Name

Torres, et al. v. Wendy’s International LLC, Case No. 6:16-cv-210-PGB-DCI, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida

Settlement Website

Note: Remember that you are submitting the claims under penalty of perjury. If you submit a fraudulent claim, you will be harming other eligible members as well.


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