Are You Eligible For Poz-Lok Fire Sprinkler Class Action Settlement?

Poz-Lok Fire Sprinkler Class Action Settlement

According to Poz- Lok fire sprinkler class action settlement, the brand has agreed to pay $14.5 million as a settlement, for the lawsuit against them.

The lawsuit was filed by a building owner who stated that the company sold defective fire sprinkler. The pipelines used in the sprinkler were prone to premature corrosion, near the weld seam. The class alleged that the damage occurred due to the lack of zinc galvanization in the pipes.

The building owner alleged that the brand knew about the defect but didn’t conceal it to the customers.

The company was selling the pipe to the residential and commercial building since 1990, and it was the first accuse on it. The defendant denied every accusation for a long time. They argued that the damage was due to the use of third-party piping, faulty installation or maintenance and microbes in the water supply.

However, they agreed to pay $14.5 million to settle the lawsuit against them. The class action settlement was approved on June 7, 2004.

The Poz-Lok customers, who currently have leakage in pipes or have paid for water damages due to it, are all eligible for the claim. The claim also covers future damages caused due to the faulty pipes.  The class members will get paid for every inch of tube that needs replacement and full payment if there is damage in the pipeline within six years of this repair.

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Who Are Eligible For The Claim?

The customers who have a leak in the sprinkler system or had a leak within one year of submitting a claim are eligible for the application. You can also submit a claim if you experience leakage in the future.

Potential Awards

The customers who submit a claim with proper documentation will receive:

  • Up to $10 to $30 per linear foot of pipe that needs replacement due to damage, and 100% payment if the tubes get damages within the first 6 years of installation.
  • 100% payment for water damages within 10 years of installation and 75% of consequential damaged for leaks occurring between 10- 15 years.

Proof of Purchase

Claim form with proof, to verify the leakage and damage.

Claim Form Deadline

June 6, 2019

The form must be submitted within one year of the leak.

Case Name

Foothills/DeAnza Community College v. Northwest Pipe Co., et al., Case No. C-00-20749-JF, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Final Hearing

June 7, 2004

Settlement Website

Claims Administrator

Foothills/DeAnza Community College v. Northwest Pipe Co.
Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 5053
Portland, OR 97208-5053
[email protected]

Class Counsel

Robert J. Nelson
Michael W. Sobol

Phillip A. Jaret
Robert S. Jaret

Defence Counsel


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