Are you Eligible for Cuisinart Food Processor Class Action Settlement

Cuisinart Food Processor

Conair has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit alleging that Cuisinart food processors come with the riveted blades. These blades crack over time and also cause its portions to detach. So, if you own a Cuisinart food processor, you are eligible for the benefits from this food processor class action settlement.

This lawsuit has also alleged that according to this advertisement, the food processor was promoted as a functional device. However, it did not function according to the promotions. So, on December 13, 2016, this company recalled the blades that were used in these food processors. With this, a Cuisinart recall class action lawsuit was filed.

According to this lawsuit, the alleged violations consist of the breach of express, warranties, and the violation of the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act. In 2016, the company has made a recall and has instructed the owners to stop using the blade immediately. They were also instructed to contact the company for their replacement blades. But still, the owners are waiting for their blades.

However, the plaintiffs say that they would pay less for these machines if they’d know that they will have to shelve the products for six or more months. Conair is denying any wrongdoing, but they have agreed to settle the lawsuit in order to avoid the risk and costs of litigation.

If you’d like to opt out of this settlement, you must have done it no later than Feb’26, 2018.

Are You Eligible?

All the members who have a Cuisinart Food Processor with the model numbers, from CFP-9 to MP-14 are eligible. Moreover, if you own a food processor in this range, you should stop using the riveted blade immediately.

Potential Award

As the award, the class member will receive a blade or a three-year warranty on that blade. In case, if you don’t receive your blade by the deadline, you will receive a $15 check.

But make sure that you put in the request by December’13, 2020.

Click here to file a claim.

Proof Of Purchase

Class Member should provide the model number of the food processor.

Claim Form Deadline


Final Hearing


Settlement Website

Case Name

Chepiga v. Conair Corporation, Case No. 3:17-cv-01090, in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey

Claims Administrator

Cuisinart Customer Service: 1-877-339-2534

Class Counsel


Defense Counsel


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