Are You Eligible For California Roofing Tiles Class Action Settlement?

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Are you a California homeowner?  Have you ever experienced premature roofing tiles damage or failure? If yes, you are eligible to the part in California Roofing Tiles Class Action Settlement.

This roofing tiles class action settlement is known to end an allegation that says tiles made by California Monier Inc were defective. A group of California homeowners reported that the tiles they purchased had a 50-year warranty. The California Monier had advertised – “tiles do not wear out and require no maintenance.” However, the tiles got damaged much sooner.

The plaintiffs also said that the coating was not steady on tiles. Moreover, it came off before the warranty period.

Now, according to the California Roofing Tiles Class Action Settlement, the eligible members will be compensated to $3,705 per home. But if the member has a commercial property, they will get $400 for every 30 roofing squares.

The class members include the owners who had commercial or residential properties with the Monier tiles, between Jan’1, 1978 and Aug’14, 1997. However, they need not be the original owners of the properties with these tiles.

This lawsuit went for a trial in October 2012, and the jury determined the damages in January 2013. The deadline to file a claim for this settlement is September’17, 2019.

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Are You Eligible?

The eligible class members will include all the owners of both residential and commercial property in the State of California or the previous owners of same. However, they should have used the Monier tiles that were sold between January 1, 1978, and August 14, 1997.

Potential Award

Depending on the type of property, residential or commercial, it should be $3,705 or $400 per 30 tiles respectively.

Click here to file a claim.

Proof Of Purchase

The address of structure with Monier tiles, documentation of property ownership, and the documents that include photos of the structure.

Claim Form Deadline


Claims Administrator

Monier Tile Class Action
P.O. Box 4068
Portland, OR 97208-4068

[email protected]

Class Counsel

Jeffrey Cereghino

Michael Ram

Case Name

McAdams v. Monier, Inc., Case No. SCV 16410 in the Superior Court of California, Placer County

Final Hearing

Not Applicable

Note: Remember that you are submitting a claim under penalty of perjury. Do not file the claim, if you don’t qualify for the same.

If you submit a fraudulent claim, you will be harming other eligible members as well.

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