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Zonolite Attic Insulation

It was the trademark name of vermiculite product used for attic insulation in U.S. Zonolite Attic Vermiculite insulation was installed in the number of buildings in the United States between the 1940s and 1980s. It was popular within the construction industry due to properties like fire-resistant and lightweight.

Further, the vermiculite product mined in Libby contains some amount of asbestos, which cause harm to health.

The Role of W.R Grace in Zonolite

One of the largest manufactures of Zonolite from 1963 to 1990, W.R. Grace reached a settlement over the Zonolite asbestos claims. They decided to fund  Zonolite attic vermiculiteinsulation trust to repay claimants.

Along with funding an independent trust that will operate for at least 20 years, Grace will also educate the people about the health risks associated with the asbestos-containing vermiculite attic insulation.

Note: The released Zonolite fund is only for abatement claims.

In case of injury from the exposure to Zonolite asbestoses or other Grace material, get information regarding funds from the Mark T. Hurford. Moreover, you can contact him by the call at (302) 426-1900 x102 or by e-mail at

Eligibility for Claim

  • If your current property or rented space has any Zonolite insulation.
  • You had incurred expenses related to the removal, abatement, re-insulation in your previous owned or rented space.

Did you know  that trust applies to both residential and commercial buildings?

Potential Award

The trust may provide the amount of up to $4,125 or 55 percent of the abatement to the eligible claimants. However, it will not provide any compensation for diminution of property value or economic loss.

Required Proofs for File a Claim

  • Proof of Zonolite Attic Insulation, like Zonolite bags, a Zonolite receipt or invoice, or an independent lab test.
  • The claimant has to submit the documents, including before and after photos of Zonolite insulation.
  • Copy of the contract proposal, invoice, cancelled the check, and bank statement or credit card statement.

Further, if you’re not sure that whether you qualify for the claim or not then, read the FAQ section. You can read it from the Settlement administrator’s website with ease.

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Note: All claimants are required to fill the current Claim.

If they have previously submitted a Zonolite vermiculite attic insulation claim, you are still required to use the current claim form.

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Final Hearing


Claims Administrator

ZAI Trust
317 Wingo Way
Suite 303
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
Phone: (844) 924-2255
Fax: (843) 388-3790

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