An individual, business, or financial institution that holds an interest in a corporation through purchases of company stock.

TCPA Lawsuits

Civil actions against businesses for TCPA violations that seek remedies for (i) up to $500 for each Do-Not-Call registry breach; (ii) up to $500 per TCPA landline, cell phone or facsimile violation; or, (iii) up to $1,500 for deliberate and willful TCPA abuse.

Telephone Marketers

A direct marketing practice where sales people or robocallers call landlines, cell phones or use text message or facsimiles to solicit prospective customers to purchase their products or services.


A procedural rule that shows each settlement class member damage complaint accurately mirrors that of another plaintiff.

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

An independent US government agency responsible for enforcing federal securities laws and for monitoring corporate security trading on US stock and options exchanges.

Unsolicited Faxes

Spam or Junk telemarketing faxes of advertisements or sales promotions

What Is Mass Torts?

A mass torts is a civil action involving numerous individual plaintiffs against one or a few defendants in state or federal court.