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Class Action Lawsuits

Determine If Companies Harmed You

Claims Match’s list of available class action lawsuits offers consumers a source for locating case filings and class action investigations.

We update our register frequently so folks will have the most current information available.

Class Action Definition

A class action lawsuit is a civil complaint brought by a class of plaintiffs who have suffered similar harm from the same defendant(s). The courts use class action civil procedure whenever it becomes feasible to hear one large claim in lieu of examining thousands of identical claims individually. 

Class Action Certification

Lawsuits turn into class actions after one plaintiff of many asks the courts to certify their claim as a class action.

The courts allow for class certification (i) if plaintiffs hold valid legal claims against the defendant(s); (ii) if the defendant injured all class members in similar fashion; (iii) if the class members’ legal issues and the facts surrounding the case are the same; and (iv) if one remedy would satisfy all class member damages

Class Action Attorney

After certification, the court orders class notification and that’s where a class action attorney takes action.

Our website notifies potential class members about their automatic enrollments in class action lawsuits. We also give consumers information on how they can opt out of a class action for protecting rights to sue later for individual damages.

We register both federal and state courts class action pleadings HERE.